Respite Care

Who needs Respite Care?

Respite or Short Stay care is a temporary living solution at one of our care homes and can either be arranged in advance or because of an emergency. A respite stay at Minster can last anywhere from several days to a few weeks. 


Our approach to Respite Care


Short term care can provide either you, or your loved ones, with security knowing that you are being cared for 24 hours a day after an operation or illness. It allows you to focus on getting your strength back in a few weeks before being returning home.  

Short-term stays 

These stays are ideal if you feel you would benefit from spending time in our care to give a break to your family or your carer at home. Often family carers find it tough to ask for a break and so some time away from them will help them with their personal health and alleviate stress.  

Transitioning to full time care 

We recognise the decision to move into full-time care can be challenging, however many individuals find the experience easier if they have been with us in respite care. Here they have formed friendships with other residents, are familiar with the facilities and our staff are already aware of their care needs. Respite care provides a good chance to experience if our care home setting is the right fit.  

Wellbeing focused Care

At times living at home can feel lonely, and so a respite break will allow you to engage in activities within the home and interact with the home’s residents. It can also provide your loved ones, or carers, the chance to meet others with similar circumstances and access the community support they need.  

At Minster we have found that through meaningful engagement with other residents and staff, individuals have returned for respite care at regular intervals. All residents, respite and longer term, are encouraged to participate in the creative and educational activities that are available, whether to pursue a hobby or develop a new one. 

Our home environments

All our homes are purpose-built meaning they have been designed with care in mind. We recognise that a change of scenery can provide an individual with a renewed sense of energy, and so our team have created stimulating, tasteful environments in order to have a lasting, positive impact on your wellbeing. 

In advance of your admission, our qualified team will meet you and your loved ones to assess your needs and create an individualised care plan to suit you.  



“Cannot thank staff enough for the excellent care my mum receives. My mum was very poorly when admitted to Fairways after a lengthy stay at hospital. When she arrived she would not eat or drink. Would not converse with people and had lost a considerable amount of weight. The outcome was poor, but with the excellent care, support and patience she received from staff, she has made an amazing recovery. She is now eating and drinking well and loves the banter with staff. Her recovery is so remarkable that she is now well enough to come home. We are thrilled as this would have been impossible months ago.”

Karen L Daughter of Resident - Fairways Newydd

“Very happy with Fairways. My mother improved a lot, care is very good. Staff are very good.”

Annwen O Daughter of Resident - Fairways Newydd

“My mother moved to the home just over 2 weeks ago. I really like that the home has been purpose-built - the rooms are spacious and mum has plenty of space in the lovely garden and home to move around. All the staff I've come across are friendly and caring. Mum apparently enjoys the activities (with the new Activities Co-ordinator) which I'm really pleased about. Mum can be very difficult at times but the staff don't make a big drama about it - thanks! So far, I am very pleased.”

Patricia F Daughter of Resident - Ty Cariad

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