Residential Care

Who needs Residential Care?

Residential Care is appropriate for older individuals that have low care needs. This means those individuals who are mostly independent but need assistance with certain daily tasks, for example eating, mobility or dressing. This type of care is suited for people who through age have become more frail and have trouble with certain tasks and would welcome an environment where they are given 24-hour support to live a happy and balance life.  

Our approach to Residential Care

Fairways Care’s approach to residential care ensures that we try and maintain your independence for as long as possible. Our main goal is to provide a homely, secure setting where you feel comfortable. You will have the support of our dedicated staff team who will provide tailored care 24-hours a day. 

Before admission, our qualified team will undertake an assessment of your needs as well as gain a detailed life history, including your likes and dislikes, so that we can create a personalised care plan for you. This will be updated daily ensuring a tailored service from admission.  

Once we are assured that we can meet your needs, we would encourage you to visit so that you can get used to the environment and to see if it is somewhere you could call home. 


“The care staff are excellent and spend time with my husband. I came in three times a week to sit with him and feed him. He's treated with dignity and consideration, and I've nothing but admiration for everyone that works here. Well done to everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gill R Wife of Resident - Ceris Newydd

“When my mother first came to Ty Cariad she was not very happy and not at all affectionate, it was extremely difficult to communicate with her. She showed no interest, however, since coming to Ty Cariad, with the expert help of the carers, she is smiling, likes to be tactile and is so much happier. The carers anticipate her needs and she connects with them.”

Lynn H Daughter of Resident - Ty Cariad

“If you’re reading this then you’re either inquisitive or your life has just changed forever. Has a loved one been given a terminal diagnosis like our Dad? Or maybe a Dementia sufferer like our Mum. Fairways Newydd accepted our Mum as a patient with barely any notice, she was being mistreated at another care home and we needed Fairways Family to come to our rescue again. Fairways Newydd was better suited for Mum's needs with Vascular Dementia. She’d been traumatised deeply by what she’d experienced in the preceding 7 months at another elderly residential home. Thank you Fairways Newydd for truly outstanding care, above and beyond kindness and always professional.”

Ruth B Daughter of Resident - Fairways Newydd

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