Dementia Care

Who needs Dementia Care?

Dementia is the general term used to describe individuals suffering from an impaired ability to remember, loss of communication, losing the ability to move freely or the presentation of other behaviours. Each case of dementia presents differently and the care required is unique. At Fairways Care, our staff are trained to recognise these signs and provide care in a manner that makes our residents feel supported and empowered. 

Our approach to Dementia Care

All care staff at Fairways Care are given thorough dementia training so they are able to assist our residents who have dementia maximise their wellbeing. Through person-centred care, we take an individualised approach allowing our residents to maintain their sense of identity and independence for as long as possible.  

Fairways Care chooses to take a proportionate and least intrusive response to risk. Our staff will respect each individual and assess any risks presented considering the wellbeing of the resident and their individual responses. Each individual in our care maintains: Choice and control, Safety, Health, Quality of life and Dignity and Respect. We actively encourage, support and promote the ability of residents to take their own decisions about taking positive risks in their lives, wherever possible.

Fairways’ Specialised Dementia Environments 

Our significant experience in care means we design exciting environments for those living with dementia. These environments include vibrant colour schemes, fidget boards, dementia café’s, bus stops/train stations and dementia friendly signage allowing our residents to easily navigate through the home. Our environments are designed to stimulate our residents, ensuring they feel supported, safe and also independent for as long as possible.  

In addition to our specialised environments, we also have activities that cater to varying dementia levels, which are designed to stimulate cognitive function. 

Activities and Dementia 

A set of varied activities are vital for a person living with dementia. Engagement at Fairways is slightly different – it focuses more on stimulating cognitive function through communication and movement. 

Our dementia-friendly environments include vibrant colour schemes, fidget boards, dementia cafés, bus stops/train stations, sensory rooms and dementia friendly signage allowing our residents to easily navigate through the home. Our environments are designed to stimulate our residents, ensuring they feel supported, safe and independent for as long as possible. 

Magic Table 360 

We also make use of specialist equipment such as the Magic Table 360, which is based on the Tovertafel Magic Table designed in the Netherlands, however, is portable. The Magic Table 360 uses colourful light projections which respond to hand movements, enabling residents to benefit from an immersive experience. This stimulates not only cognitive and physical abilities but enhances social interactions between residents. More meaningful engagement allows our residents to maximise their wellbeing and lead a fulfilling life.


At Fairways, we have consistently championed the use of technology to assist us in providing the best quality of care. From electronic care planning, electronic medication management through to using interactive aids with activities we make use of the latest technology to provide the best environments for our residents. All our homes have WiFi which allows our residents to keep in touch with the loved ones, watch their favourite TV shows online or interact with the community through PenPals for Kindness or other intergenerational outreach programmes we have with the community. 


“My mother-in-law was admitted here earlier this year with onset dementia. The care that she has received has been outstanding, nothing is too much trouble and everyone goes above and beyond to be helpful. All the staff, care staff, nurses, doctors and receptionists, are really caring and will always be there for you during your relative's stay. Not only are they here for the residents but also for the families, it's really appreciated at such a hard time.”

Sian G Daughter-in-law of Resident - Fairways Newydd

“My husband has dementia and is bedbound. The staff are very kind to him (and me) his comfort is their primary concern and they go to great lengths to ensure this. They are aware of his language preference (Welsh). They are watchful of his social meals (i.e to be with others) and partake when possible activities, when he becomes agitated they remove him.”

M J Wife of Resident - Ceris Newydd

“When I have visited the home, my wife, who has late-stage dementia, has always been clean and well-dressed. Engaged regularly by the staff who genuinely care for the client; she is fed well, and her needs are quickly attended to. The ratio of carers to clients is much higher than most. Contact between the care home and myself is regular, and the new owners are experienced and keen to achieve a high standard of care. No negatives!”

Keith R Husband of Resident - Glyn Menai

“Having looked after my wife suffering from dementia for 5 years, I was very worried when the time came that I couldn't cope anymore and had to go into care. But I didn't need to because in the few months that she has been in Fairways Newydd she has settled down a lot and become much happier and it is all down to the caring nurses and staff. I cannot thank them enough.”

Colin R Husband of Resident - Fairways Newydd

“Ty Cariad is a purpose built dementia care home.There is a beautiful garden area where residents and relatives can sit or wander safely. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and bright with lots of communal space and sitting areas. There is even an indoor bus stop. The best thing about Ty Cariad, however, is the person centred compassionate care given to each resident.”

Karen E Daughter of Resident - Ty Cariad

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